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Science-based gardening information for Colorado communities from CSU Extension, Denver Botanic Gardens, and Green Industries of Colorado.

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Lawn Conversion Resources

Thinking of converting your existing lawn to a grass species that requires less water? Want to reduce the size of your lawn or change it to something new entirely? Below are science-based resources for tackling your project.

Converting from lawn to xeric/water-wise takes planning for long-term success!

Xeric landscape in Eagle Colorado at the CSU Extension office in Eagle County.

Recorded Information

The Native Lawn of Your Dreams | Dr. Tony Koski, CSU Extension Turfgrass Specialist

A Fool’s Guide to Zero-Water Gardens | John Murgel, CSU Extension in Douglas County

Water-wise Landscaping Tips and Tricks | Amy Lentz, CSU Extension in Larimer County

Water Conservation in the Garden | Amy Lentz, CSU Extension in Weld County