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Science-based gardening information for Colorado communities from CSU Extension, Denver Botanic Gardens, and Green Industries of Colorado.

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Conifer Tree ID Videos

Austrian Pine

Blue Spruce

Bristlecone Pine

Douglas Fir

Engleman Spruce

Limber Pine

Pinyõn Pine

Ponderosa Pine

Rocky Mountain Juniper

White Fir

Chinkapin Oak

Cytospora Canker

Elm Scale

Emerald Ash Borer: Replacement Trees

English Oak

Fire Blight

How and Why to Wrap Your Tree Trunks

How to Grow Bonsai

How to Plant a Tree

How to Prune Trees

Kentucky Coffee Tree

Live Christmas Trees

Ohio Buckeye

Planting Under Powerlines

Ponderosa Pine

Pruning Crossing Branches

Pruning Shrubs

Smoke Tree

Storm Damaged Trees

Tree Care in Winter

Tree Wrapping

What is Pine Needle Shed?

Why are Trees So Expensive?

Winter Watering Trees and Shrubs

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