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In its 14th year, Plant Select is recommending or introducing the follow six herbaceous plants and one woody plant in 2010.

Prairie LodeCalylophus serrulatus ‘Prairie Lode’ (Prairie Lode sundrops) is a vigorous native prairie species that produces yellow blooms for many months. It tolerates a wide range of cultural conditions but thrives in hot, dry situations. The plant grows 6 to 8 inches tall and 12 to 15 inches wide, prefers full sun to part shade, and is hardy to USDA zone 3.

Red FeathersEchium amoenum (Red Feathers) has a basal rosette of dark green linear leaves. Plants produce spikes of feathery, sunset-red flowers in late spring but often blooms again in summer. It grows 10 to 16 inches tall in bloom, and 6 to 8 inches wide. Full sun to part shade and moderate to xeric soil moisture is preferred. It is hardy to USDA zone 3.

Snow Mesa BuckwheatEriogonum wrightii var. wrightii (Snow Mesa buckwheat) produces domes of glistening white flowers which turn a fawn color in late summer into fall. It grows 3 to 4 feet tall and wide. It prefers full sun, more xeric conditions and is hardy to USDA zone 5.

Red YuccaHesperaloe parviflora (Red yucca) has arching, evergreen grass-like leaves. Flower spikes are rose-pink with yellow throats and blooms last most of the summer. Red yucca will grow 3 to 4 feet tall and wide. It prefers full sun and is hardy to USDA zone 5.

Kniphofia caulescens (Regal Torchlily) has blue-green rosettes of foliage that are very attractive. Flower spikes bear crimson, golden and ivory flowers resembling torches from July to September.Regal Torchlily Plants grow 40 inches tall and 24 to 30 inches wide. It prefers full sun to part shade and will grow in very dry situations. It is hardy to USDA zone 4.

Tanacetum densum ssp. amani (Partridge Feather) is an evergreen groundcover with silver mats of feathery foliage. It has golden button-like flowers that appear mid-summer. Plants grow 3 to 5 inches tall and 14 to 24 inches wide, prefer full sun to part shade and are hardy to USDA zone 4.

Partridge Feather

The woody plant recommendation for 2010 is Rosa glauca, sometimes listed as Rosa rubrifolia (Redleaf Rose). This is a medium to large shrub rose with single pastel pink blossoms that fade to white. The dark purple foliage and persistent red hips provide a unique contrast in landscapes. It grows 6 to 8 feet in height and 4 to 6 feet in width and prefers full sun to part shade. It is hardy to USDA zone 3.Rosa Glauca

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