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2004 – Additional Information: Plant Societies   arrow

The world of plants includes enthusiastic groups of people who come together to learn more about a particular plant or group of plants. The Denver Metro area is particularly abundant with active groups. Other areas of Colorado also have some local chapters. Some examples are the Denver Orchid Society, the Denver Rose Society, the North American Rock garden Society-Rocky Mountain Chapter, the African Violet Society of Denver, the Colorado Cactus and Succulent Society, Xeriscape Colorado!, the Colorado Water garden Society, and the Colorado Native Plant Society.

In addition to meetings, most organizations publish informative newsletters, some go on field trips, and some are part of national organizations that also publish journals, organize trips and sponsor seed exchanges. Most plant societies don’t have permanent addresses or telephone numbers. The addresses rotate with the election of new officers each year. The best way to find out about them is to contact the Helen K. Fowler Library at the Denver Botanic gardens at (303) 370-8014, or your local Colorado State University Extension office.

It’s amazing to think of the number of devoted enthusiasts who belong to groups dedicated to the advancement of different types of plants. Some plants have national societies working on their behalf. The Gourd Society, Sedum Society, Bamboo Society and North American Fruit Explorers are examples of national societies, and they’re often the best source of information on these plants. So next time you buy a plant at a garden center or nursery, consider how much more you want to know about it than just its flower color and growing conditions. Maybe you’ll want to join a society devoted to that plant or a certain type of gardening.

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