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1534 Lawn Aeration: During Drought   arrow

Lawn aeration:  during drought
Less than normal amounts and frequencies of watering affect several routine lawn care practices, aeration among them. Core aeration should not be preformed on lawns that are totally brown or dormant as the result of water restrictions. It is unlikely that adequate plugs can be pulled from hard soil unless soaked by several days of intensive watering. In cases where plugs may be pulled but lawns are severely stressed, the turf health could be further harmed by the drying effect of open holes and traffic stress from the equipment. Watering is necessary to help aeration holes “heal over” quickly.

Lawn aeration:  during drought

Lawns that are green (regularly watered) or mostly green (a few brown spots exist) benefit from aeration. Regular watering should follow the aeration operation. The decision to core aerate or not should be made on the basis of the health of the lawn as indicated by color (green or brown) and history of water applications.

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