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1512 – Buffalo Grass Lawns   arrow

How should I plant buffalo grass?

A buffalo grass lawn can be planted from seed or as a sod. Seed can be purchased from local grass seed companies and the larger garden centers and nurseries. Use about three pounds of seed for every one thousand square feet of lawn. Varieties currently on the market include Sharp’s Improved, Sharp’s Improved II and Cody. Buffalo grass seed should be planted between April and June.

Is it easier to plant seed or sod?

Buffalo grass lawnAn easier way to establish a buffalo grass lawn is to plant it from sod. Buffalo grass sod can be planted from late-May through late-August.

What are pros and cons of picking buffalo grass?

Buffalo grass will grow best at elevations lower than about 6,500 feet and in very sunny areas. It is advisable to look at an established buffalo grass lawn before you decide to plant your own. Compared with Kentucky bluegrass, buffalo grass lawns need less water, fertilizer and mowing. However, buffalo grass lawns tend to go dormant and turn brown earlier in the fall and become green later in the spring than Kentucky bluegrass.

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