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1476 – Marssonina leaf spot   arrow

What is marssonina leaf spot?

Marssonina leaf spot on cottonwoodMarssonina leaf spot is a fungal disease of aspen, poplar and cottonwood. Infection begins in the spring at bud break when spores are blown or splashed to the tender, newly-developing leaves.

When does it appear on leaves?

Brown spots with yellow halos begin to appear on leaves in mid to late July. Many of these spots eventually merge together, creating large brown blotches. Leaves may drop prematurely.

How can I manage this on my trees?

To manage the disease, rake up fallen leaves in the autumn and dispose or compost. If there is a history of severe infestations, the fungicides Daconil may be used in the spring beginning at budbreak. Fungicides are of no value by the time symptoms appear.

Will marssonina leaf spot kill my tree?

The disease does not kill trees, but stresses them and may weaken them over time.

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