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What are succulent plants?

Succulent plants include cactus and any other plant that stores water in its stem or leaves. Such plants have developed special and unique shapes, colors and textures that provide decorative beauty to any home. Not all succulents are prickly plants like cactus with their numerous spines. Many succulent species have soft, fleshy leaves that come in hues of green, blue-green and purple.

Are succulents easy to take care of?

Most succulents are desert-type plants, which thrive on near neglect because they’re water thrifty. They make good houseplants for busy people with little time to garden, or for those who have difficulty growing more common houseplants. The apartment gardener with only a sunny windowsill or counter can find succulents satisfying to grow.

When should I water my succulents?

Water succulents infrequently, once each week or less, depending on plant type and container size. Too much water is a succulent plant’s worst enemy.

Where should succulents be grown?

Succulents can be easily grown in decorative trays, or pockets in rocks. Or, you can use your imagination to create a decorative centerpiece in an unusual container.

All a succulent plant needs in order to survive is a container that allows excess water to drain, a well-drained potting soil, and some sunshine.

What succulents are the easiest to take care of?

Some of the more easily grown succulents are barrel cactus, jade plants, hen-and-chicks, sedum, ice plants, aloe and agave. If a sunny window isn’t available, try mother-in-law’s tongue, which thrives on low light. Check your garden center or nursery for the wide assortment of succulents available. Many unique species are available, and they’re all easy to grow.

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