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1209 – Apricots   arrow

How can I increase my apricot yield?

Apricots are not dependable when it comes to fruit production because they often flower early and frost will kill the buds. To delay spring flowering, apply a thick mulch of wood chips or similar material after the ground freezes in the fall.apricots

What should I consider before purchasing an apricot tree?

Before purchasing fruit trees be sure to check the local requirements on spraying for pests. In areas where there is commercial fruit production, landowners have a responsibility to spray trees to prevent hosting harmful insects.

What is an apricot tree useful for?

Even if apricots don’t produce fruit, they’re useful in landscapes for aesthetic purposes. The glossy foliage is unequaled in plants of similar size and shape, and in the fall they add color to the landscape. They also have interesting bark.

Which apricot trees self-pollinate?

Self-pollinating apricot varieties include Tilton, Wenatchee Royal and Moorpark. Varieties that require another tree for pollination include Riland, Perfection, and Rival.

Goldcot and Moorpark bloom later in the season and are worth trying in the Rocky Mountain region.

For more information, see the following Colorado State Extension fact sheet(s).

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