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1103 – Design Considerations   arrow

When designing a landscape, keep in mind activities that might take place in that space. Compare how outdoor space is currently used with how it would ideally be used. Think about how to move through a landscape and which pathways can’t be changed, such as routes to the garbage, mailbox or cars. Also consider trees, fences and other elements that should be incorporated into the landscape.

Next, consider the sun and how it moves around a landscape. Are there places in the landscape that should be shaded in the summer, but open to sunlight in the winter? Also consider soil types and water availability. Choose a design and plants according to these factors.

Compare landscaping ideas with the budget set for the project. A general rule of thumb for estimating the amount of money one should invest in a landscape is approximately 10 percent of the value of the home. This amount includes not only plants, but irrigation systems and any elements such as a deck, patio or fencing. The landscape can be developed over several years as the budget allows.

Once all has been considered, photograph the area to be landscaped and draw a birds eye view of it on paper. Plot the new landscape design onto another piece of paper, making sure that the new landscape design is convenient.

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