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1091 – Perennial “Top Performers” for the 2010 Season   arrow

The following seven plants were ranked as ‘Top Performers’ in the 2010 two-year herbaceous perennial trial conducted at Colorado State University. They were judged throughout the 2009-10 growing seasons for ornamental features and winter hardiness.

Anemone ‘Little Princess’

Anemone Little Princess

The large pink and white flowers developed on low growing, compact plants. This variety performed best in full sun and bloomed later in the summer. They were planted in 2008.

Hemerocallis ‘Fire King’

Hemerocallis Fire King

This variety had exceptional vigor and strong blooming from July into September. Sturdy stalks supported vibrant red-orange blooms which created a spectacular show. They were planted in 2008.

Hibiscus ‘Jazzberry Jam’

Hisbiscus Jazzberry Jam

The vigorous habit of this plant prevailed in both sun and shade trial locations. The attractive, large blooms emerged slightly later in the season than ‘Summer Storm’. They were planted in 2008.

Hibiscus ‘Summer Storm’

Hisbiscus Summer Storm

It was a standout variety with attractive dissected foliage emerging dark purple which matured to green. This vigorous plant also exhibited good flowering in both sun and shade trials. They were planted in 2008

Echinacea ‘Mistral’

Echinacea Mistral

This floriferous, compact coneflower is a sport of the very popular ‘Kim’s Knee High’. Growth habit and flowering was very uniform. Its unique flowers opened bright pink but matured to an antique shade and lasted for a long season of bloom. They were planted in 2009

Penstemon ‘Prairie Twilight’

Penstemon Prairie Twilight

Strong burgundy stems supported lasting tubular lavender flowers with shades of white that contrasted well with the dark green foliage. It made an impressive display of flowers while growing under reduced water. They were planted in 2009.

Penstemon ‘Red Riding Hood’

Penstemon Red Riding HoodThis variety had a prolific display of red tubular flowers on long stems. It looked good early in the season and the plants were vigorous with a uniform growth habit. They were planted in 2009.

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