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1079 – Growing Geraniums   arrow

What are the benefits of growing geraniums?

What isn’t there to love about a geranium? They have flowers you can see a block away, in every color you can imagine. They’re versatile; looking great as bedding plants and providing structure and drama to a garden or by grabbing your attention as a focal point in a container. Plus, geraniums are easy to propagate and/or can be kept inside free from frost for the next season. They’re a plant with many varieties and forms, such as ivy or cascading, climbing or fancy colored foliage with many different colors of blooms.

What should I consider when planting geraniums?

There are cultural guidelines that, when followed, contribute to healthy free flowering plants. Direct sun for 6-8 hours a day is required for flower production. Remove faded flowers from the plant regularly including the flower stem. Maintain soil moisture by watering as often as needed to prevent wilting. Geraniums dislike having their leaves wet or sitting in excess water; water the soil directly and always provide for good drainage. Geraniums prefer soils that are more light and loamy and do poorly in heavy clay soils. Add compost when planting in the garden and use a good container media for your potted geraniums. These plants need a balanced fertilizer (like 20-20-20) for flowering provided regularly to insure healthy plants. Use water soluble fertilizers (mixed in water and applied to the soil) or time release fertilizers and be sure to read label directions for proper application.

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