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1052 – Lungwort   arrow

Lungwort is the unattractive common name of a very attractive and useful group of plants that grow best inshaded areas. It is also known as Bethlehem sage.lungwort

What does lungwort look like?

The main attraction of lungwort is the dark green, silver-spotted leaves. It blooms early in the spring, just as newfoliage emerges. Its flower buds are pink but open to bright blue. The flowers grow eight to 12inches in high before fading, but the foliage remains attractive throughout the summer, providing an attractive accent for other shade-loving plants.

How can I grow a healthy lungwort?

Lungwort flower

There are many lungwort cultivars to choose from that have leaves with markings of different shapes and sizes. Hardy to USDA zone 3 and an elevation of 8,000 feet, lungwort grows best if the soil is amended with compost for better moisture retention. Once established it will need only moderate watering,making it agood candidate for driershaded areas or under trees withcompetitive roots.

Removing the faded flowers is really the only maintenance these durable, pretty plants require.

For more information, see the following Colorado State University Extension fact sheet(s) and CMG GardenNotes.

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