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1004 – Sunflowers   arrow

If you are searching for a sturdy plant with bold blooms, the sunflower is for you! And the bonus is that they are prime subjects for cut flowers.Sunflower

How big do sunflowers get?

Sunflowers are available as perennials and annuals. The common sunflower, Helianthus annus, is an annual and grows in all zones and is an important agricultural commodity in some states. These are coarse, hairy plants with 2-3” wide flowers. Flowers range from two-colored to chestnut red or pale yellow. Another annual, ‘Sunspot’ supports heads up to 10” on 2’ high plants. Popular among the giants are ‘Mammoth Russian” and ‘Russian Giant’.

Are sunflowers easy to grow?

For children, annual sunflowers are easy to grow, with almost instant gratification along with a positive experience.

What sunflowers are good to grow in Colorado?

The Maximillian sunflower (H. maximilianii) is a North American native perennial in zones 1-24. These flowers form a clump 3’ wide and up to 10’ tall stems. These are topped with a spire of 3” yellow flowers. This perennial is a reliable bloomer in Colorado and is drought tolerant, once established.


Among other perennial sunflowers is the Jerusalem Artichoke (H. tuberosus), in zones 2-24. These produce bright yellow flowers, four inches across and grow easily in Colorado. Some are grown commercially and their tubers are edible, sold in markets as “sunchokes”. Tubers should be dug andreplanted every 2-3 years or the quality of the tuber will decline.

What should I consider when planting sunflowers?

Sunflowers do best in full sun, at least six hours a day and spaced approximately 6-12” apart. Water deeply, but infrequently.

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